Usually, Almeria's name is related with its coast and its outstanding beaches surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, because they are thought to be the most representative part of our province. But, What is Almería's relief like?

Our amazing province, shows many mountains in the Penibetical mountain range , which usually traverse west to east.

Among the multitude of mountains, the most important ones are known either for their 'great' height or for their extension.

-Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Gádor, Sierra de los Filabres, Sierra de las Estancias y Sierra María.

Meanwhile, among the lower mountains and extension we can find:

-Sierra Alhamilla, Sierra de Cabo de Gata, Sierra Cabrera, Sierra Almagrera y Sierra Almagro.

On the physical map to the right, below we can see the hills, and the mountains below. ---------->

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Coming up next, we will see each mountain, and analyze its rivers , flora and fauna, weather and temperature, the highest peaks, etc... present in them.